Continues my photography work 847864136 years later.


someone asked to see what my traditional pen sketches looked like? enjoy this mess ok

awkwardly attempted to make it somewhat post worthy w/ a mouse and some texturing at school. i’d like to maybe fix this up and turn it into a clean, full illustration one day! see the unedited version here.


BASIL SODA Fall/Winter RTW 2013/2014



The most satisfying moment in kh boss battle history


It’s already the month of Halloween! (ahahaha)
Who doesn’t love the day you can dress as whoever you want without being judged?

Well, Sheinside is so kindly sponsoring this giveaway in spirit off the holiday, where you will have a chance to win:

$100 store credit as well as lucky bags!

I’ll be using rafflecoptor to make things easier; you can enter by going here
Other rules:

Do not delete the text when reblogging

No giveaway / dead blogs; I’ll be checking
18+ or have a parent’s consent
If you don’t have a facebook that is fine!

The giveaway will end on the 30th of October! Good luck!

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hello my loves~ it’s been a while since my last giveaway hasn’t it..
well himi was gracious enough to sponsor this giveaway!
I recently (well maybe not so recent) hit a milestone, and I would love to thank you all with this giveaway~

The prize: $50 credit at Himi or CutieMori
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Giveaway blogs are ineligible
You will need to be 15+ or have a parent’s permission
Do not delete the text when reblogging.

The giveaway will run from September 15~30th; this giveaway is open worldwide!
Thank you for all the support and good luck!

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                        вυт ι вєℓιєνє ιη уσυ & мє
                         тαкє мє тσ ωση∂єяℓαη∂